Join us on Wednesday, May 23rd from 6-7:30pm for an artist talk and presentation by our current exhibiting artist David Crismon.

David Crismon is an accomplished Oklahoma artist that has been dedicated to his painting practice for over twenty-five years. Since receiving his MFA from the University of Oklahoma in 1990, he has shown his work nationally and internationally. He is currently a professor of art at Oklahoma Christian University.

The paintings on display are a part of Crismon’s Dislocated Histories series, whose subject matter is influenced by pre-existing small-scale paintings and altered through size, shape, and color.

Crismon’s artist talk & presentation will feature a brief history of his work up to present day, a deep dive into his process, and some of the ideas and influences that inspire his pieces.

Sophia of Hanover

oil / metal 40″ x 52″ 2018

Hudson River Reformat

Hudson River Reformat,  60″ x 40″ oil / acrylic / metal 2017




60″ x 80″ portrait in progress for October show…