Margerita Gonzaga (1591 – 1632) was the eldest daughter of Vincenzo I Gonzaga. Her three brothers succeeded her father as Duke of Mantua. Her sister Eleonora became the Holy Roman Empress from her marriage to Ferdinand II,the Holy roman Emperor. Margerita was married to Henry II, Duke of Lorraine in 1606, and they had four children, two survived infancy. Margerita died at age forty and she had been a widow since 1624.

On this particular work, the detailing on the clothing and the lace collar consumed most of the time. It always takes several layers on the detailed elements. Throughout the work i left more sections that expose the initial layers of my painting process. This serves to deviate even more from the original image but help re -emphasize the re-constructed nature of the finished work and concept. This work ended up being a larger scale two panel portrait measuring 60″ x 80″. the original image is derived from the portrait of Margerita Gonzaga painted by Frans Pourbus