19thc downladThis painting is derived from the famous Valpincon Bather by Jean – Auguste Dominique Ingres. One of the early large format works I did, and probably one of the most difficult. The original captures the back of a seated woman in a Turkish bath. This was one of the paintings Ingres sent back to Paris during his stay at the French Academy in Rome. A study abroad that was to be important in the artist’s career. The title Valpincon Bather, as it is currently known, is the namesake of a 19th century owner of the work.

For my rendering of the image, the back was difficult and took quite awhile to do, mainly due to the subtlety of Ingres’s image and his smooth, porcelain -like surface. Working from large printouts, I kept some of the cropping, repetitions and distortions of the replicated images. The figure as I show it is cropped, whereas Ingres’s original image shows the entire length of the seated figure’s leg.