soldier laugirlThis painting is based off an original by Jan Vermeer, a 17th century Dutch painter from the town of Delft. In this work, as a reference to a faulty download, I decided to fracture a portions of the original image along the lines of the back of the chair, the right arm of the soldier, the window, and the map on the far wall. Though the woman is facing us, I was drawn to the image of the soldier, shown prominently  in the foreground. I was also intrigued with the map which dominates the background of the scene. In Vermeer’s works, the paintings or maps often portrayed in the background  often give supporting /additional  meanings or associations to the overall piece. In this situation, maps were highly valued items for the Dutch, a country that was in the midst of becoming a major European economic power, due in large part to its shipping /trading industry. Vermeer’s accuracy of portrayal enabled historians to identify the map of the Dutch Republic and its maker as Balthasar Folrisz van Berckenrode, published by Willem Jansz Blaeu in 1620.