mjheadeI like Martin Johnston Heade! I like the eccentric humid quietness of them. In person, the paintings are  dense, rich and atmospheric, and a focal point is made of tiny jewel colored hummingbirds or exotic tropical butterflies. His landscapes are small and luminous, and the climax of a scene could be a haystack in a marsh, or an ominous cloudbank of an approaching storm. In my reference to his work, I have moved in the opposite direction of the lush vibrancy of Head’s work, to one that looks degraded from repeated scanning and duplication. Some of this quality is inherent in how I prime these works in the first place. Secondly, I put the paint on very thin, literally wiping it on -no impasto. This thin application allows for transparency, and adds to the association that the image has been processed and transmitted. As much as Heade was influenced by the 19th century naturalists, I felt doing this work really spoke not to that past, but to our current digital information age.