albierHere’s what kicked this whole body of work off in the first place. I was at the National Gallery in Washington DC, looking at some Hudson River landscapes and as beautiful as they are, the thought struck me of how there was almost no way to paint these landscapes today. In the 100 years since these works were done America’s landscape would come to reflect what we see today -good and bad -from national parks to strip malls and waste dumps. Even the way we perceive the land around has changed with technology we use -cameras, digital imaging, satellite, etc. So with these thoughts in mind, I asked myself -what would these images have to look like today. I pictured an image of history that was incomplete, that was constantly manipulated, re-transmitted and altered like mere data. The ideas solidified when I came across this quote -“The past is still under construction”

The image above is referencing a work by Albert Bierstadt, which pictures Yosemite Valley. As I post this blog PBS is running a Ken Burns documentary: National Parks -America’s Best Idea